Snow: The clean-up

The parking lot snow removal crew finally came around before 10:00 p.m. last night. As you can see, they left quite a bit of snow behind for us to shovel. Luckily, I bought a 2006 Subaru Outback last year. If I really needed to get somewhere I could’ve, even before they so valiantly cleaned the lot.

My garage is the one to the left of the one with the open door. That man is not shoveling my snow, by the way.

Last winter was a truly horrible winter. Makes this one look like child’s play so far. I quickly become very angry with the way our apartment managers handled snow removal.

The snow plows would gather all the snow into one spot in the lot, and then move it away. Sounds like a good plan. Thing is, that one spot would be right in front of my garage and the garages on either side of me. Still, seems like the snow’s gotta go someplace right? However, we were the only three people who actually used our garages day in and day out!

One day, I yelled at one of the snow plow operators. I said, “Why do you always put the snow in front of my garage?!?”

He said, “How are we supposed to know which garages people use?”

I pointed to all the garages. It was apparant which garages are used by the fact that only our three had snow shoveled away on front of them. The rest had a winter’s worth of accumulated snow packed in front of their doors.

I think if there weren’t witnesses, he might have hurt me.


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