Clean up and abandonment



This is a story that began one-and-a-half years ago. I chose today’s topic because of what I’m wearing.

You may remember The Rent is Too Damn High party. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you understand why I identified with name of the party, if not its champion, Jimmy McMillan’s, ideology.

One of my favorite websites,, offered a T-shirt that was made for me. I bought it in the midst of my house hunt, and swore to wear it on the day I left my apartment for good.

I wore the T-shirt on the day I finally turned over the keys on an apartment I had lived in for eight years.

You may note I’m wearing a winter coat in that photo. It was New Year’s Eve 2010. I took that photo inside my new house, already anticipating this particular blog post.

temp and time

It was a cold and snowy winter.

new blinds

I even replaced the blinds in my bedroom with new ones from Walmart. They cost less than $10. The originals were extremely dusty.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my apartment. I was so worried they wouldn’t give me my full deposit because something was dirty.

I had felt so taken advantage of by Goldmark that I didn’t want to give them any reason to keep any of my money. I cleaned every square inch, including the walls.

I hired my own carpet cleaner because they were going to take $100 out of my deposit to hire one for me. I vowed to find a carpet cleaner for cheaper than that.

Remember the note I posted in this post?

On the Spot Carpet Cleaning actually cleaned my carpets for less than they had quoted because my carpets were so clean to begin with. I believe I paid $60.

Here is the full tour of my apartment.

view to kitchen from living room

I am standing in the middle of my living room, pointing toward the front door which is on the right. You are looking into the kitchen.

view into kitchen

Here, I am standing by my front door, looking into my galley style kitchen. The door at the other end was storage/garbage/water heater.

view to living room from kitchen

Now I am standing in my kitchen, looking out into my living room.


The bathroom, which is just to the right of the closet by the front door.

into bedroom

Looking in my bedroom. I could look into my bedroom, turn 90 degrees left, and look into my bathroom.

bedroom closet

My bedroom closet. It was the only place I could hang all my clothes. And since I worked in television news, I had a lot of clothes to hang. I’m still amazed it didn’t all come crashing down.

leaky sink

Kitchen sink that was never fixed.

So, I spent a lot of time cleaning.

The fateful day came. I was nervous, ready with my arguments for any supposed filth the inspector would find.

She came, she spent less than five minutes for sure, it may have even been less than three minutes, and declared it good. Look again at the clock and temperature in the photo above. My appointment was at 11 a.m., and she was late. She said I’d get my entire deposit back.

Today, I only hope the next renters appreciate the clean apartment they inherited. I sometimes drive down my old street, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new inhabitants on the porch or something. I still haven’t seen anybody out and about.


My old street.


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