Sweet Pea and Basil (not a garden post)

There is a new chapter in life.

I added two kitties to my home, for better or for worse.

Skol! Sweet Pea and Basil

Sweet Pea and Basil watch the Vikings. Skol!

Sweet Pea and Basil first came to me as fosters. Their mother, reportedly an excellent mouser, was tragically killed. She left behind five hungry little offspring, who may have gone days without a meal until they were discovered.

They were born on a horse farm. A very loving horse farm, in that the matriarch desperately fed all the kitties every four to six hours until she couldn’t do it any longer. A plea went out on Facebook, to see if any foster families were available.

I grew up on a farm, with a steady stream of kittens to entertain me. I hadn’t really been around kittens for an extended period of time in about 15 years. So I decided, yes, I would take two little ones in, feed them until they were strong, and then send them back to the farm.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, being sweet.

I couldn’t follow through on that last step.

After asking several people to see if they would like a couple kitties – and after having several come to the tough decision that they couldn’t take in two little furballs – I decided they would be mine.

Despite not wanting fur on anything.

Despite not wanting scratches on anything.

Despite not wanting to clean out a litter box.

Despite my partner-in-crime being allergic. And despite finding out that I’m more-than-likely allergic, too.

Despite all that, they became part of my home.


Basil loves to watch cars.

They spend their days while I’m away locked in a basement room. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I have a walk-out basement, so they get a ton of sunlight every day. When I get home from work, they are free to roam my house, minus my bedroom, bathrooms and laundry room. And on the weekends, they get many hours of roaming.

I think I will soon put a door on the entrance to my basement so that they get a little more space as they get bigger.

They have grown so much already. They feel like full-grown cats, through at only about four months now, I realize they will get much bigger yet.

Sweet Pea and Basil. My little sillies.


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