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Unwanted: Christmas Eve fowl

This Christmas Eve is quite different from Christmas Eve 2010 in a couple ways. Number one: We have zero snow on the ground. Number two: There isn’t a bird flying around my house.

Living room

One of my favorite purchases from Hobby Lobby ever.

I had been living here for mere days, and was getting dressed up to head to Christmas Eve church service.

I was in my bedroom when I heard a loud bang. Like something crashed through my living room window.

I stepped out from the bedroom and saw a little brown bird frantically flying around my living room.

I freaked out. Just freaked out. I ran back into my bedroom and closed the door.

I knew this was not a killer bird, but it was losing its mind with fright. I called my boyfriend, who patiently listened and said, “Well, you’re gonna to have to shoo it outside. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

It was time to put on my big girl pants and shoo a wild bird. I cracked open the door to see the little bird hopping down my hallway. I slammed the door shut. I needed protection. That’s when I remembered some older drapes that hadn’t been hung, but were in my living room. I realized if I could get to them, I could drape them over my head.

I darted out, got the drapes, and darted back into my room. I put the drapes over my head and shoulders, crouched down, and headed out for combat.

I didn’t know where the bird was at this point, but I opened my front door. Can you imagine the sight my neighbors had at that point?

I then chased the bird from my kitchen, back to my living room, and eventually out the front door.

We all speculated about how the bird got into my house. I walked around my entire basement to see if there was an unknown nest somewhere. Nothing. We eventually decided it had flown in through my garage when I was moving presents into my car.

But it would be months later when we finally found the truth. You’ll have to watch this blog for later posts on that.

Nonetheless, here’s a shot of my living room today. All painted, furnished and decorated. Yes, I had that leather couch here when the bird was here. No droppings anywhere that day.

Living room

You'll note Christmas decor hanging on my floor lamp. Also, the blinds are my work and will be documented later.


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Come a long ways and a long ways to go

My recent eagerness to write blog posts is a little bit funny.

Today is officially the one year anniversary of the first full day in my house. But my blog is just so far behind.

Scroll down a bit. Just a couple blog posts ago, I was telling you about the first full day in my house, a Sunday.

Here’s one more pic I didn’t post then.

moving in

There's the first rug I had in my bathroom! And that ugly contact paper is in the garbage can!

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Stereotypical blog post

My goodness.

All bloggers write this post once. Or twice.

ohmygoodness, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote anything here!

So sorry!

I have no excuses other than lack of effort. And lack of pictures.

I kept telling myself to take pictures of the progress of my new home.

And then, a project starts and stops, and a photo would never be taken.

It’s a travesty.

And I’m sorry. Mostly to myself.

How will I prove to myself how far this house has come from when I first bought it until now?

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Only in your dreams

Yesterday morning, I was woken up by noise. In my pre-consciousness, I was back in my apartment. I heard a bunch of young women screaming and yelling, and a guy or two yelling loudly, probably having a fist fight.

Then I realized I was in my house, but the noise was still there. “Don’t tell me one of the neighbors had an all-night rager, and there’s a fight in the street,” I thought.

That would be very annoying, now that I’m living in a house.

Finally, as I became more awake, I knew what the sound was: geese flying overhead, honking noisily, and the neighborhood dogs were barking at them.

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And here are the keys to your new home…

Closing day finally came after two months of paperwork and waiting. It was at the end of November, and there was a messy blizzard that day.

I seem to remember I took off from work for the day starting at 10 a.m. My realtor and I took one last walk through the house. It’s just so exciting when you’re realizing this place will be all yours in just a little bit. It’s also a little unnerving, because you really start to look at everything you want/need to do.

I went to the bank, signed lots o’ paperwork, received my gifts, and started driving to my house.

I didn’t have the keys.

I drove back to bank, told my loan officer, who then tried calling my realtor.

No answer.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she called back… and in fifteen minutes, I had my keys. Good grief.

I went to my house, tried all the keys, and got in. I looked around, and decided the first things I needed were cleaning supplies, a lock for my garden shed, and pizza and beer.

To this day, I still haven’t put that lock on my shed. It’s funny what you learn in life.

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The snowman and the message

Here’s a story from what must be September or so. When does the football season begin?

It was opening night of the 2010 NFL season. The Vikings vs. The Saints. There is a lot of history behind why this game was going to be huge.

This video shows what was basically the end to the Vikings 2009 season. It was horrible. They coulda been, woulda been Superbowl champs.

So, the Vikings were meeting up with the Saints again, on a Monday night, no less. We were on the couch, game was on, window was open letting in the beautiful late summer air.

The neighborhood’s loudest motorcycle starts up. I get up to look outside. Nobody’s there, just the bike, rumbling.

It’s so loud it’s hard to hear the TV. An engine so terribly loud you have to close the window just so you can hear the TV… on the third floor!

This rumbling continues for at least 10 minutes. I think it was longer. I kept getting up to see if the owner was standing there yet. I kept watching.

Finally, there he was. It was the guy who lives here: One woman replaced by another + baby

I went stomping across my apartment. I was livid. I pulled out the first paper I could find. I wrote a scathing note about it being very fricking rude to start up the world’s loudest bike and just let it run when it’s warm outside.

He gets on his bike. Guess what he was warming up the bike to do? To drive it around to the back of the apartment building and park it in his garage! I flew to my front door.

I was ready to stick the snowman to his door.

I thought better of it, thankfully.

I burst into hysterical laughter. Can you imagine getting a scathing note on a cute snowman sticky?

Bringing tidings

Of course, the note above is not the note I wrote that night.

However, I remember that night for another reason. I was right in the middle of a great search. And this note was one of the last I wrote living in my apartment.

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The sky opens up before me

Two days after work was supposed to begin, again a note telling us there had been delays.

Note 11.3.2010

But, miracle upon miracles, when I came home after work, I saw that my balcony was finally missing. All the balconies on my side of the building are missing.

But sadly enough for some folks on the other side of the building, they’re still missing theirs, too.

No balcony

It's sort of a creepy feeling.

This weekend saw temperatures in the upper 60s and into the 70s. This is weather that should not be squandered in November. I was able to use my balcony. I can’t imagine if I couldn’t have.

Patio door handle

Locked in, like a witch oven.

However, there is still something that makes me quite unhappy.

I can’t open my patio door! I mentioned the warm temperatures above. My air conditioner has been covered and unplugged since September (when it snowed).

So, I have no way to bring cool air into my apartment, except my bedroom window.

When I got home today, it was 79.9 degrees in my living space. Four hours later, it is 78.6 degrees. Hopefully my bedroom is cooling at a much quicker pace.

I’m glad I’ll have a new balcony soon.

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