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Through the sands of time…

So, I looked at houses every week. Sometimes, it seemed one house for every day of the week. So many I lost count.

On the night of that football game, I had looked at a real heartbreaker. Well within my price range, nice big backyard, inside all redone, with nice floors and walls and windows, there was even central air. But I kept looking out the front window. It sat on third street, near downtown. This is not a good thing in my town. There were several rentals across the street. It just broke my heart. There was no way I’d be happy living across the street from rentals. The master bedroom faced that direction.

So, I kept looking. I put offers down on three houses. Turns out, I’m pretty happy I didn’t get the first house I tried for. It had great bones, a huge backyard, but was totally a blast from the 1970s. It would’ve been a lot of work, and someone else was willing to pay more than I was for it.

The other house I didn’t get was nice but the basement was really musty. I knew it was listed at a good price for the location, so I had to try. Also, its address put it right next to my supervisor’s house. It would’ve been fine, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.

The house I did nail down was a tough one. I put offers on it three times, I think. The previous owners had priced it too dang high for the amount of work that needed to be done. They refused to budge. When I put my next offer out there, it was lower than where I was willing to compromise the first time. Still, they wouldn’t take it.

Finally, the woman of the couple (they were divorcing) agreed to my lowest offer. I’m so grateful I was able to remain strong in this. I have more stories to tell about them in the future.

I closed on the house at the end of December. From my bank, I got a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, a cheese cutting board and a basket. From my realtor, I got a clock.

clock from realtor

Yup, you can sort of see me in the reflection.


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