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Today is definitely a snow day. The TV weather people had been forecasting it for a couple days, to start Saturday night and dump 6-13 inches through Sunday night.

Last night at midnight, there were only a couple flakes. When I got out of bed at 9 a.m., there was at least a half foot, blown into drifts. Now mid-afternoon, I would guess there is a foot of snow.

I will tell this story via Tweets, since that’s easier. And Lord knows, I haven’t been blogging unless it’s easy.

The other big Twitter news today was Justin Bieber’s thoughts on Anne Frank.


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And here are the keys to your new home…

Closing day finally came after two months of paperwork and waiting. It was at the end of November, and there was a messy blizzard that day.

I seem to remember I took off from work for the day starting at 10 a.m. My realtor and I took one last walk through the house. It’s just so exciting when you’re realizing this place will be all yours in just a little bit. It’s also a little unnerving, because you really start to look at everything you want/need to do.

I went to the bank, signed lots o’ paperwork, received my gifts, and started driving to my house.

I didn’t have the keys.

I drove back to bank, told my loan officer, who then tried calling my realtor.

No answer.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she called back… and in fifteen minutes, I had my keys. Good grief.

I went to my house, tried all the keys, and got in. I looked around, and decided the first things I needed were cleaning supplies, a lock for my garden shed, and pizza and beer.

To this day, I still haven’t put that lock on my shed. It’s funny what you learn in life.

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Just in time for the snow!

Well, I finally got a balcony. Unfortunately I didn’t go to enough effort to record the date it actually happened. I believe it happened in mid-November while I was away on work.

We got quite a bit of snow soon after. I stood out on my new balcony once before this happened.

Fluffy snowyness

So, I got an opportunity to shovel my balcony on a sunny Saturday. Thank goodness. I love shoveling something when it’s sunny because it all melts and dries up and look like it never snowed.

While I was shoveling, there was a show on PBS dedicated to redecorating and cleaning up your home to clean up your mind and life. Very fitting.

Snow? What snow?

Isn't this satisfying?

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Build balconies while the sun shines

I told you there’d be a sequel to The latest in incompentence. This is it. However, this will be turn into a series quickly.

Some of the apartment-dwellers on the north side of my apartment building must be very frustrated. We are now coming up on a month that these people haven’t been able to use their balcony, while others have had their new balcony for weeks.

Balconies in progress

A job unfinished. New balcony on top, unfinished balcony below.

I don’t know what the deal is. I know there was issues with the weather. There was a blizzard just as the contractors got to work on that bottom balcony. However, you can see that the weather was gorgeous today… as it was yesterday.

Latest note

My side of the building got a new shot of hope. Yes, the project would begin again, meaning our balconies were soon on the way to the dumpster in favor of flashy newness.

Old balconies

The south side of the building. Waiting for new balconies.

But November 1 came and went. As did November 2. What is going on here? Are the apartment managers choosing the cheapest quotes for balcony building contractors — and therefore getting the worst service? What does that say for the quality of work we’ll be receiving?

I believe the apartment managers must’ve gone with the cheapest quote for snow removal, and that service has been horrible. In the aftermath of the blizzard I mentioned above, they never moved an ounce of snow. They simply waited for it to melt.

Current balcony

Sure, there are worse balconies out there. But what kind of standard is that?

I told you at the top of this post that this story would become a series. I plan to post an update when my balcony is new and safe. We’ll see how long it takes.

Close up

An up-close look at the deteriorated balcony.

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A silver lining to a snowstorm

You may remember a particularly troubling/annoying neighbor from a previous post.

He annoyed me once again about a week ago. He and his toddler of a child were walking up and down the halls the other night. The poor kid had no shirt on. This is significant because the temperature outside was 20 degress below zero. So the temperature in the hallway of my apartment building was probably about 50 degrees. He told me the kid needed “to spend some energy.” I wanted to say the kid also needs a shirt and shoes. But I didn’t.

Anyways, the snow was really coming down this week. But above that, it was super cold. Just yesterday, it was 30 degrees below zero. So, not only is it difficult to shovel a lot of snow, but it’s even more difficult when it’s life-threatenly cold.

I got home from work, and of course the parking lot of my building was not yet plowed, even though the worst of the blizzard had ended the night before. I had to go to work over three-foot snowbanks and come home from work over three-foot snowbanks.

So, I got my car into my garage and started shoveling. The guy in the garage next to mine was doing the same.

Annoying neighbor comes along with his snowblower — and blew most of the snow away from both of our garages! I still had snow to shovel, but not as much!

Thanks, annoying neighbor! You get a thumbs up!

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Snow: The clean-up

The parking lot snow removal crew finally came around before 10:00 p.m. last night. As you can see, they left quite a bit of snow behind for us to shovel. Luckily, I bought a 2006 Subaru Outback last year. If I really needed to get somewhere I could’ve, even before they so valiantly cleaned the lot.

My garage is the one to the left of the one with the open door. That man is not shoveling my snow, by the way.

Last winter was a truly horrible winter. Makes this one look like child’s play so far. I quickly become very angry with the way our apartment managers handled snow removal.

The snow plows would gather all the snow into one spot in the lot, and then move it away. Sounds like a good plan. Thing is, that one spot would be right in front of my garage and the garages on either side of me. Still, seems like the snow’s gotta go someplace right? However, we were the only three people who actually used our garages day in and day out!

One day, I yelled at one of the snow plow operators. I said, “Why do you always put the snow in front of my garage?!?”

He said, “How are we supposed to know which garages people use?”

I pointed to all the garages. It was apparant which garages are used by the fact that only our three had snow shoveled away on front of them. The rest had a winter’s worth of accumulated snow packed in front of their doors.

I think if there weren’t witnesses, he might have hurt me.

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The day after

My Christmas tree on December 26, 2009.

A Christmas blizzard preventing me from delivering four of the presents under my tree. You can see the blizzard is still raging outside my window. My tree will remain in place until those presents are opened by their rightful owners!

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