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Clean up and abandonment



This is a story that began one-and-a-half years ago. I chose today’s topic because of what I’m wearing.

You may remember The Rent is Too Damn High party. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you understand why I identified with name of the party, if not its champion, Jimmy McMillan’s, ideology.

One of my favorite websites,, offered a T-shirt that was made for me. I bought it in the midst of my house hunt, and swore to wear it on the day I left my apartment for good.

I wore the T-shirt on the day I finally turned over the keys on an apartment I had lived in for eight years.

You may note I’m wearing a winter coat in that photo. It was New Year’s Eve 2010. I took that photo inside my new house, already anticipating this particular blog post.

temp and time

It was a cold and snowy winter.

new blinds

I even replaced the blinds in my bedroom with new ones from Walmart. They cost less than $10. The originals were extremely dusty.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my apartment. I was so worried they wouldn’t give me my full deposit because something was dirty.

I had felt so taken advantage of by Goldmark that I didn’t want to give them any reason to keep any of my money. I cleaned every square inch, including the walls.

I hired my own carpet cleaner because they were going to take $100 out of my deposit to hire one for me. I vowed to find a carpet cleaner for cheaper than that.

Remember the note I posted in this post?

On the Spot Carpet Cleaning actually cleaned my carpets for less than they had quoted because my carpets were so clean to begin with. I believe I paid $60. Read the rest of this entry »


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Almost one year

This Monday morning will mark the one year anniversary of me waking up in my first house for the first time.

It’s hard for me to believe. A lot of times, people say, “I can’t believe it’s been a year already!” I truly can’t believe it’s been only one year.

Because it’s now winter, I am feeling nostalgic for my first days and weeks here. There was SO MUCH SNOW last year. I think I had shoveled three feet of it before I even moved in. I remember shoveling snow every morning and evening. I would shovel snow until 11 p.m. some of the nights I wasn’t even living here yet.

This winter, there has been less than six inches of snow so far. It’s been like a dream for we North Dakotans who have suffered for several winters now.

My pledge to my faithful little blog here is to try to spend some of the time I would be shoveling snow, and use it to update my progress on my house. I have made great improvements here, and I want people to see!

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Stereotypical blog post

My goodness.

All bloggers write this post once. Or twice.

ohmygoodness, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote anything here!

So sorry!

I have no excuses other than lack of effort. And lack of pictures.

I kept telling myself to take pictures of the progress of my new home.

And then, a project starts and stops, and a photo would never be taken.

It’s a travesty.

And I’m sorry. Mostly to myself.

How will I prove to myself how far this house has come from when I first bought it until now?

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The snowman and the message

Here’s a story from what must be September or so. When does the football season begin?

It was opening night of the 2010 NFL season. The Vikings vs. The Saints. There is a lot of history behind why this game was going to be huge.

This video shows what was basically the end to the Vikings 2009 season. It was horrible. They coulda been, woulda been Superbowl champs.

So, the Vikings were meeting up with the Saints again, on a Monday night, no less. We were on the couch, game was on, window was open letting in the beautiful late summer air.

The neighborhood’s loudest motorcycle starts up. I get up to look outside. Nobody’s there, just the bike, rumbling.

It’s so loud it’s hard to hear the TV. An engine so terribly loud you have to close the window just so you can hear the TV… on the third floor!

This rumbling continues for at least 10 minutes. I think it was longer. I kept getting up to see if the owner was standing there yet. I kept watching.

Finally, there he was. It was the guy who lives here: One woman replaced by another + baby

I went stomping across my apartment. I was livid. I pulled out the first paper I could find. I wrote a scathing note about it being very fricking rude to start up the world’s loudest bike and just let it run when it’s warm outside.

He gets on his bike. Guess what he was warming up the bike to do? To drive it around to the back of the apartment building and park it in his garage! I flew to my front door.

I was ready to stick the snowman to his door.

I thought better of it, thankfully.

I burst into hysterical laughter. Can you imagine getting a scathing note on a cute snowman sticky?

Bringing tidings

Of course, the note above is not the note I wrote that night.

However, I remember that night for another reason. I was right in the middle of a great search. And this note was one of the last I wrote living in my apartment.

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Build balconies while the sun shines

I told you there’d be a sequel to The latest in incompentence. This is it. However, this will be turn into a series quickly.

Some of the apartment-dwellers on the north side of my apartment building must be very frustrated. We are now coming up on a month that these people haven’t been able to use their balcony, while others have had their new balcony for weeks.

Balconies in progress

A job unfinished. New balcony on top, unfinished balcony below.

I don’t know what the deal is. I know there was issues with the weather. There was a blizzard just as the contractors got to work on that bottom balcony. However, you can see that the weather was gorgeous today… as it was yesterday.

Latest note

My side of the building got a new shot of hope. Yes, the project would begin again, meaning our balconies were soon on the way to the dumpster in favor of flashy newness.

Old balconies

The south side of the building. Waiting for new balconies.

But November 1 came and went. As did November 2. What is going on here? Are the apartment managers choosing the cheapest quotes for balcony building contractors — and therefore getting the worst service? What does that say for the quality of work we’ll be receiving?

I believe the apartment managers must’ve gone with the cheapest quote for snow removal, and that service has been horrible. In the aftermath of the blizzard I mentioned above, they never moved an ounce of snow. They simply waited for it to melt.

Current balcony

Sure, there are worse balconies out there. But what kind of standard is that?

I told you at the top of this post that this story would become a series. I plan to post an update when my balcony is new and safe. We’ll see how long it takes.

Close up

An up-close look at the deteriorated balcony.

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Waiting to leap

Today at 5:00 p.m. would be my deadline. For me to be out of this apartment at the end of my six-month lease, I would have had to give my 60-day notice today.

Now, let’s be serious. A 60-day notice is just ridiculous. They require it because they know it’s nearly impossible. You’ll just be forced to pay for an extra month in many cases. So, if I’m able to give my 60-day notice at the end of September, that would mean I’ll be out of here at the end of November, and will have to pay an extra $75 during that month. It’s robbery.

However, the good news is that I’ve been pre-qualified for a home loan, and I’ve been looking at houses. It’s been quite up-and-down emotions-wise these past couple weeks. I’m about ready to jump on the first house I like. I darn near put an offer on a house yesterday, but I have to admit I’m glad some well-meaning loved ones put some sense in my head. To pay an extra $75 in November will have been worth it if I find a house that’s just right.

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Keeping busy

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately. Purposely trying not to dwell on the fact that I’m still living in an apartment. At the end of April, I signed another six-month lease.

I did this with purpose. If it looks like I’ll be moving into a house close to the end of this six months, great. If not, it forces me to find a house. I refuse to live here much longer than another six months.

So, back to me being busy. I’ve been working out and eating right, with help from a new-to-me blog/Ning Network.

As we all know, it’s harder than it would seem. I lost nine pounds. Then I went on vacation to Daytona Beach, FL, for four days. I walked a lot, ate great fresh seafood. I came home having gained back four pounds.

It had taken me more than a month to lose those four pounds, so I’ve become quite bitter. I’m trying to get back to my good habits, but sheesh… Why work so hard when it can all be undone so quickly? I realize I’m just being a crabby loser right now, but sometimes that’s just how you have to be before you become better again.

Since I’ve been home, I started following Julia Child recipes from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” This probably hasn’t helped my exercise and healthful eating situation, but it has helping my well-being situation. It’s great fun to follow these recipes. I tape myself cooking and post about it on Facebook for my friends. My mom in particular loves this.

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