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And here are the keys to your new home…

Closing day finally came after two months of paperwork and waiting. It was at the end of November, and there was a messy blizzard that day.

I seem to remember I took off from work for the day starting at 10 a.m. My realtor and I took one last walk through the house. It’s just so exciting when you’re realizing this place will be all yours in just a little bit. It’s also a little unnerving, because you really start to look at everything you want/need to do.

I went to the bank, signed lots o’ paperwork, received my gifts, and started driving to my house.

I didn’t have the keys.

I drove back to bank, told my loan officer, who then tried calling my realtor.

No answer.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she called back… and in fifteen minutes, I had my keys. Good grief.

I went to my house, tried all the keys, and got in. I looked around, and decided the first things I needed were cleaning supplies, a lock for my garden shed, and pizza and beer.

To this day, I still haven’t put that lock on my shed. It’s funny what you learn in life.


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Even a dog doesn’t destroy where it sleeps

This is a small picture of why it’s frustrating to live where I do.

A look at the landing on the second floor of my apartment building.

The place never ever looks to be in good repair.

As you can see, some out of control drunkards like to kick the electric heaters in the hallways. Right away, I just assumed that people would accidentally hit these things as they were moving into their apartments. But I don’t believe that anymore. I think they just like to cause damage.

I regret that I didn’t get a photo of the most shocking destruction I’ve seen, so all I can do is describe it.

In the front stairwell, suddenly there was a hole in the wall about as big as a broomstick. I think someone may have done it accidentally. It took more than a week for the apartment manager to get it fixed.

The very next day, there was a another hole in the stairwell wall — in the exact same place as the first hole! Plus, there was another hole in the other side of the stairwell wall. This was obviously no random act.

Who would do that?? They’re worse than dogs.

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