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One woman replaced by another + baby

I have a couple odd neighbors who live down the hall.

When this guy first moved in, he moved in with a nice-looking young lady. They seemed to be a happy couple. Suddenly over the course of a week or so, she was gone and was replaced by another young lady. This one wasn’t quite as good-looking or classy-looking.

And the new one came with a baby.

So I ask myself (and you): Do you think he got a woman pregnant while living with another? Do you think he didn’t even realize it until the baby was born? Or do you think I’m making up a story in my mind?

The most annoying balcony of them all.

Anyway, once the new woman and baby moved in, the balcony got very crowded. She apparantly loves to decorate with no abandon. They both smoke, but I’m not sure where they stand on this balcony.

Now, my final point for disliking this crew. They take the baby’s car seat, attach it to a rope, and pull it up to the third flood balcony. I’ve seen them doing this several times.

A couple weeks ago, something was brought to my attention. Do you think the baby is in the car seat?


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