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Toning down the blues

My master bedroom was the next room I finished painting, but I did not take any pictures of that. I can tell you I painted it in “Pearls and Lace.” It wasn’t until I started painting that I realized the original color in that room was a very light pistachio.

Office being painted

The middle bedroom. I named it "The Office."

Of course, getting all these rooms, ceilings and closets painted was a bit of a dance. Ceiling finished in living room; then ceiling finished in master bedroom; then first coat finished in living room; then first coat in master bedroom; then ceiling in office; and so on.

I quickly identified the middle bedroom as my office. Oh man, I could not wait to have an office with a desk and space to pay bills and sit and look at the computer. Really, until you live in a small apartment for many years you cannot understand how exciting this prospect is.

I believe this room must’ve been a young boy’s, only because the color was a very matte blue. I decided to stick with blue, just to mix things up. My master bedroom and guest bedroom were both going to be a nice creamy color.

Office being painted

It was right over there by the closet that I accidentally spilled A LOT of paint on that beautiful hardwood floor. Thank goodness I was able to wipe it up quickly.

This is the only room in the house in which the hardwood floor is exposed. The floor in the office is not in perfect condition, but it has promise to be refinished. There is also hardwood under the carpet in the guest bedroom, and, I believe, in the hallway. I can only guess that there is also hardwood in the living room and master bedroom underneath the laminate.

Office being painted

This picture faces out into the hallway. The walls out there were the same tan as in the living room. I painted them "Delicate White" to open it up a bit.


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