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Keeping plans fluid in the kitchen

My grand plan for my kitchen has always involved new flooring and probably new appliances. But an avalanche of renewal took over my kitchen, and I ended up also painting the cabinets. In all that, the vision for my kitchen evolved dramatically.

At first, I thought I would keep my cabinets as they were, put in some nice dark hardwood flooring, and get stainless steel appliances.

That didn’t happen because…
First, the color of paint on my cabinets would not match to any flooring in the world that was in my price range. Second, stainless steel appliances are much more expensive than plain white or black.

So, after many hours on Pinterest (see my For The Home board), I realized I must paint my cabinets white in order to find flooring to match. Hear me now, I will never do that again unless under duress.

Even once the cabinets were white, I had a heckuva time finding flooring. I settled on some laminate that I thought was way too boring. Now that I have it, though, I’m in love. You will see it in a future post.

I also love my white appliances. Thanks to a very savvy saleslady in Sears, I got a great deal, and found a fridge that is quite modern and smaller and more narrow (exactly what I wanted!!).


The night my partner in crime brought my appliances to me. They had to hang out in my garage until the new floor was in.

I put my old fridge on It’s a local eBay that is very popular. I kid you not, in the first day or two of the ad being online, I had 20 people wanting to buy it.

So the fridge was moved from place to place until its buyers picked it up the night after a murder in town. I remember that very well, because at the time nobody knew who committed the murder. I did not want the refrigerator buyers into my house without my boyfriend there. So, there was a long awkward conversation held outside until I had back-up.


Chaos in the kitchen.


I got 100 dollars for that behemoth of a fridge. Had I known the interest it would bring, I would’ve asked 150.

And so, once the old fridge was in the living room, and the old stove was in the garage (it would soon go to my brother’s family, keeping it in the family), the flooring project could begin. First, let’s take a quick look at the old range hood before that’s gone too.


Old range hood, just hanging out.


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Really burned me up

Now for the story of why I have my childhood range in my adulthood home.

This is the range that came with my house. You’ll notice it’s sitting in my driveway.

Old range

Getting ready for Spring Garbage Pickup Week.

One night as I was heating water for tea, the burner started on fire.

As in, I looked at my tea kettle and for an instant thought I was using a gas stove. Reality set in, and I remembered that my stove was in fact electric.

I pulled the kettle from the burner, and began to blow. I blew so hard I became lightheaded.

Old range

Impressively old and crusty.

That’s the last time I used my stove.

I unplugged it and let it set for quite some time.

I don’t remember if it was weeks, or more than a month, but eventually my parents brought me their old range. They were upgrading anyway. They said this incident just helped them do so more quickly.


Empty space for my childhood range. I'll always remember the first time the buzzer went off in my own home.

I left this one out for spring garbage pickup. My boyfriend removed the obviously valuable cord. I think my dad took it for something.

Old range

Glad others know the value in these things.

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Project Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Undone

I’m in the middle of a huge project. I knew it would be a monster from the get-go, and I know I deserve no sympathy for taking it on. However, as I sit here today (sick), I can’t help but agonize.

I started this project Feb. 3, when my faithful helper helped me take down the doors on the top cabinets. I was going to start slowly to make this easy on myself.

kitchen cabinet painting

Day two: Painting to commence.

Aside: If you look at the photo above, you’ll see the stove I have here is different from what you saw in Preheating the oven. The reason for the change is a story in itself which I plan to share later. This new stove comes from my parent’s house, since they were getting new appliances anyway.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Sink side.

The first weekend of painting focused on prepping.

The first full day, I spent six hours prepping the doors from the top of the cabinets. I didn’t take photos.

Rest assured, there was probably an easier way out there. And I learned of one that was easier in some ways and harder in others in the post below…

Source: via Tracie on Pinterest

HA! I never would’ve done this if I had read that post first. NEVER! But my end results would probably be much nicer if I had, and then decided to follow in her footsteps. Moving on…

As I was prepping the doors, I first tried sanding. But when the cabinets had last been painted, they weren’t prepped very well. The paint was sort of balling up with the sandpaper. So, I started using a razor blade. I kid you not, I smelled the delicious smell of bacon as I scraped away that paint. It was probably the bacon of 20 years ago, but it smelled great.

Eventually, I was able to paint the backs of those doors, and move on to the cabinets on the wall. I lightly sanded those, and got a coat on. I loved it.

Kitchen cabinet painting

One coat on.

I began to see the progress I was hoping for. The kitchen looked brighter and cleaner. There would be a light at the end of this tunnel!

I just realized I never told you why I decided I should do this in the first place. I need to replace my kitchen floor. You’ll remember its true ugliness from Preheating the oven. Now, there is a lot to this story as well.

Long story short, it was very difficult to find flooring that matched the color of those cabinets. I knew I could go with almost any color if my cabinets were white.

Also, on Pinterest, I saw many many examples of beautiful kitchens with white cabinets. I loved the look of it, and I knew I could have it for myself with a little work. A little work. A little work. I keep telling myself that.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Progress, progress.

As of today, the work continues.

I’m not showing the latest photos here, because I want to be done with this before I bring my camera out again.

I hope to soon buy a range hood, stove, and refrigerator in white. I have found several nice used stoves for sale in my hometown. People who buy homes and want to upgrade to stainless steel appliances right away just sell the white stoves online. That’s a good thing for me! For my refrigerator, I would like to get something smaller, more suited to my small kitchen. Once all that is white, I really think everything will pop.

Today, the doors are downstairs, their fronts curing before I lightly sand them again for hopefully their final coat.

The drawers are in their slots, freshly painted, their knobs shining gorgeously against the Delicate White backdrop.

Source: via Olympic on Pinterest

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Preheating the oven

What a title, eh? Here’s the deal: after I closed on my house, I did not live in it for another three weeks. I had quite a bit of time to get things ready for the big move.

Cleaning my kitchen was a big job. The people who lived here before me were not clean. One of the strangest things was that there was what seemed to be cracker dust in every single kitchen cabinet and drawer. We joked that it might have been the remnants of crack. How does that happen?

Anyway, here are some pics from the first days of working on my kitchen. There have been many changes to these rooms since: new paint, new ceiling light, new stove. But you have to see where I started to be somewhat impressed with the transformation.

The kitchen

A view of my kitchen, as seen from the dining room.

The kitchen rug

This is one of the first things I bought for my house. I did it in the two months between offer accepted and closing.

There are many more photos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Where do I start? The rooms you need the most.

A feeling of being overwhelmed started to hit. You walk into your new house, and there is so much to do. And so many things you need that you didn’t need in your apartment.

First, I scrubbed the kitchen floor because it looked horrible. It didn’t take long for me to discover, though, that what was making the kitchen floor look horrible did not come up with a rag and elbow grease. So, until I replaced that floor, it would continue to look horrible. I’ll show you some pics in a future post.

So, I started working on a room where I could make a difference: the bathroom. There are quite a few pictures in the rest of this entry. I hope you enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

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