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A river of slush

Here is the ridiculous path I have to take to my garage. I could climb the snow drifts in front of the cars, but there are several deposits of dog poop there. Nothing grosser than slipping and sliding in that.

I wish I would’ve taken this video a day or two earlier, because it was worse.

For much of the last two months, there has been six inches of compacted snow in the parking lot. Whoever the apartment managers hire to clean the lot didn’t touch it. We had several days of 30-degree temperatures. It would’ve been the perfect opportunity to scrape up the softening snow. This mess could’ve been avoided.

Yesterday, some people were moving in. I felt so sorry for them. Their jeans were soaking wet up to their knees.


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It’s just horrible

I can’t even describe it, but the weather is too frigid and soggy to capture the scene.

If I can get out tomorrow, I’ll document the disgrace that is my parking lot.

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A silver lining to a snowstorm

You may remember a particularly troubling/annoying neighbor from a previous post.

He annoyed me once again about a week ago. He and his toddler of a child were walking up and down the halls the other night. The poor kid had no shirt on. This is significant because the temperature outside was 20 degress below zero. So the temperature in the hallway of my apartment building was probably about 50 degrees. He told me the kid needed “to spend some energy.” I wanted to say the kid also needs a shirt and shoes. But I didn’t.

Anyways, the snow was really coming down this week. But above that, it was super cold. Just yesterday, it was 30 degrees below zero. So, not only is it difficult to shovel a lot of snow, but it’s even more difficult when it’s life-threatenly cold.

I got home from work, and of course the parking lot of my building was not yet plowed, even though the worst of the blizzard had ended the night before. I had to go to work over three-foot snowbanks and come home from work over three-foot snowbanks.

So, I got my car into my garage and started shoveling. The guy in the garage next to mine was doing the same.

Annoying neighbor comes along with his snowblower — and blew most of the snow away from both of our garages! I still had snow to shovel, but not as much!

Thanks, annoying neighbor! You get a thumbs up!

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Snow: The clean-up

The parking lot snow removal crew finally came around before 10:00 p.m. last night. As you can see, they left quite a bit of snow behind for us to shovel. Luckily, I bought a 2006 Subaru Outback last year. If I really needed to get somewhere I could’ve, even before they so valiantly cleaned the lot.

My garage is the one to the left of the one with the open door. That man is not shoveling my snow, by the way.

Last winter was a truly horrible winter. Makes this one look like child’s play so far. I quickly become very angry with the way our apartment managers handled snow removal.

The snow plows would gather all the snow into one spot in the lot, and then move it away. Sounds like a good plan. Thing is, that one spot would be right in front of my garage and the garages on either side of me. Still, seems like the snow’s gotta go someplace right? However, we were the only three people who actually used our garages day in and day out!

One day, I yelled at one of the snow plow operators. I said, “Why do you always put the snow in front of my garage?!?”

He said, “How are we supposed to know which garages people use?”

I pointed to all the garages. It was apparant which garages are used by the fact that only our three had snow shoveled away on front of them. The rest had a winter’s worth of accumulated snow packed in front of their doors.

I think if there weren’t witnesses, he might have hurt me.

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Smashing Pumpkins

As I’m leaving for work this morning, I see a pumpkin smashed across the back parking lot.

It fit right in with the beer bottle shattered in front of the garage door next to mine.

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Think she got fired later on

In the middle of last month, I had something happen to me that was so crazy and perfect that I can’t even believe it.

First, a little background information. My apartment managers decided to finally get the the parking lot fixed. Finally! However, that meant a few of us wouldn’t be able to use our garages (that we pay $50/month for) for “at least” two weeks. Just as the work was starting, I asked my apartment managers if I could pay half the garage rent ($25) for that month, since I wouldn’t be able to use my garage for half the month. The snotty little girl said, “I can ask, but I’m pretty sure my boss will say no. But I can ask.” I left my work number with her to give me the answer. Of course, she called me at home to leave a message on my answering machine to tell me no.

The work on the parking lot took longer than two weeks, of course. It was at the end of three weeks when my apartment people put up a sign saying we could start using our garages on Saturday.
(Note the ridiculous use of exclamation points. These people are idiots.)

The sign about the parking lot

On that fateful Saturday, my car was parked in the street from the night before.

Parking in the street for three weeks was no picnic, mind you. There are a lot of cars to park in very few spots on stupidly curved streets. One night during those three weeks, I just barely wedged myself into a too-small spot. I waited on my balcony for close to an hour for someone else to leave, so I could take their more suitable spot. When I saw someone leave, I raced to my car. But someone else got there before. So I drove around the block for another 10 minutes before someone else left.

So, as I was saying, my car was parked on the street that Saturday. When I left that day to run to the local Starbucks, it was about 2:00 p.m. I came right home, and parked in my garage for the first time in weeks! It was great! Of course, my apartment people hadn’t moved the barricades into the parking lot, but someone had pushed them to the side just far enough so vehicles could get through.

I stayed home until supper time, when I went to the grocery store. I had bought the makings for knepfla soup. When I got to my car and opened the driver side door, I noticed a note.

A little freaked out, I got in, locked the doors, and read it. It said, “We saw someone hit your car at 12:45 p.m. on Sept. 12. If they don’t leave a note, please call us,” and listed their phone number. My blood was boiling! I got out to survey the damage.

The front driver side bumper.

The front driver side bumper.

So the damage wasn’t horrible, but still! This was my first newer car, a real prize to me!

I got home, and called the number. I said, “Do you live around here?”

She said, “No, we were there looking at an apartment to rent. We live in Fargo.”

I said, “Did you see who it was? Could you give me a description of the vehicle?”

She said, “It was the apartment manager! We were there, waiting for her to show up to show us the apartment. She pulled up, and swiped right past your car! When she got out, my husband said, ‘How much damage did you do there?’ She said, ‘Oh, did you see that?'”

I couldn’t believe it!! My own apartment manager hit-and-runned my car!

I called the cops. The officer met me at my garage, after driving around the barricades. He took my report and looked at the damage. He called the wonderful lady who left the note. He said the lady also told him that the apartment manager said, “Oh, that’ll buff right out.” The officer said the damage wouldn’t buff right out, since it was through the paint and down to the plastic.

While the officer was there, the crotchety apartment maintenance man came over to tell the cop he shouldn’t be parking there because the concrete wasn’t ready yet. The officer told him there was a note hanging in the apartment saying he could drive on the concrete. After circling for a minute or so, the old man finally left. Can you believe it? Lecturing an officer.

The officer was able to eventually get a hold of the apartment manager. She told him that she didn’t have time right then and there to leave a note (to which the officer was snarky with, “You were with the people you needed to be with. You had time.”) So, she was charged and her insurance is paying for my damages.

Haven’t seen her working in the office lately. Serves her right.

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