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Today is definitely a snow day. The TV weather people had been forecasting it for a couple days, to start Saturday night and dump 6-13 inches through Sunday night.

Last night at midnight, there were only a couple flakes. When I got out of bed at 9 a.m., there was at least a half foot, blown into drifts. Now mid-afternoon, I would guess there is a foot of snow.

I will tell this story via Tweets, since that’s easier. And Lord knows, I haven’t been blogging unless it’s easy.

The other big Twitter news today was Justin Bieber’s thoughts on Anne Frank.


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Clean up and abandonment



This is a story that began one-and-a-half years ago. I chose today’s topic because of what I’m wearing.

You may remember The Rent is Too Damn High party. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you understand why I identified with name of the party, if not its champion, Jimmy McMillan’s, ideology.

One of my favorite websites,, offered a T-shirt that was made for me. I bought it in the midst of my house hunt, and swore to wear it on the day I left my apartment for good.

I wore the T-shirt on the day I finally turned over the keys on an apartment I had lived in for eight years.

You may note I’m wearing a winter coat in that photo. It was New Year’s Eve 2010. I took that photo inside my new house, already anticipating this particular blog post.

temp and time

It was a cold and snowy winter.

new blinds

I even replaced the blinds in my bedroom with new ones from Walmart. They cost less than $10. The originals were extremely dusty.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my apartment. I was so worried they wouldn’t give me my full deposit because something was dirty.

I had felt so taken advantage of by Goldmark that I didn’t want to give them any reason to keep any of my money. I cleaned every square inch, including the walls.

I hired my own carpet cleaner because they were going to take $100 out of my deposit to hire one for me. I vowed to find a carpet cleaner for cheaper than that.

Remember the note I posted in this post?

On the Spot Carpet Cleaning actually cleaned my carpets for less than they had quoted because my carpets were so clean to begin with. I believe I paid $60. Read the rest of this entry »

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I like to move it, move it

One year ago tonight, I was desperately stuffing the last of my belongings into boxes. I did not have enough boxes, so this was pretty frustrating.

My mood that night was one I’ll never forget. I was actually sad to be leaving my little apartment. I remember when I first moved in, it felt like home. And still, when I think about it today, it feels like home. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be in my house almost any night, but I got lucky when I found that dwelling.

It was dark in my apartment on this night a year ago. I had unplugged the light in my living room. Of course, I’d plug it right in again in the days to come. I still had to give the place a good cleaning. And it was the ONLY light in my living room.

I slept well that night, and got up early the next morning to get a latte from Starbucks, pick up the truck from U-Haul, grab some more boxes from work (hopefully!), and make it back to my apartment before my moving-helpers arrived. Read the rest of this entry »

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Almost one year

This Monday morning will mark the one year anniversary of me waking up in my first house for the first time.

It’s hard for me to believe. A lot of times, people say, “I can’t believe it’s been a year already!” I truly can’t believe it’s been only one year.

Because it’s now winter, I am feeling nostalgic for my first days and weeks here. There was SO MUCH SNOW last year. I think I had shoveled three feet of it before I even moved in. I remember shoveling snow every morning and evening. I would shovel snow until 11 p.m. some of the nights I wasn’t even living here yet.

This winter, there has been less than six inches of snow so far. It’s been like a dream for we North Dakotans who have suffered for several winters now.

My pledge to my faithful little blog here is to try to spend some of the time I would be shoveling snow, and use it to update my progress on my house. I have made great improvements here, and I want people to see!

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And here are the keys to your new home…

Closing day finally came after two months of paperwork and waiting. It was at the end of November, and there was a messy blizzard that day.

I seem to remember I took off from work for the day starting at 10 a.m. My realtor and I took one last walk through the house. It’s just so exciting when you’re realizing this place will be all yours in just a little bit. It’s also a little unnerving, because you really start to look at everything you want/need to do.

I went to the bank, signed lots o’ paperwork, received my gifts, and started driving to my house.

I didn’t have the keys.

I drove back to bank, told my loan officer, who then tried calling my realtor.

No answer.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she called back… and in fifteen minutes, I had my keys. Good grief.

I went to my house, tried all the keys, and got in. I looked around, and decided the first things I needed were cleaning supplies, a lock for my garden shed, and pizza and beer.

To this day, I still haven’t put that lock on my shed. It’s funny what you learn in life.

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Just in time for the snow!

Well, I finally got a balcony. Unfortunately I didn’t go to enough effort to record the date it actually happened. I believe it happened in mid-November while I was away on work.

We got quite a bit of snow soon after. I stood out on my new balcony once before this happened.

Fluffy snowyness

So, I got an opportunity to shovel my balcony on a sunny Saturday. Thank goodness. I love shoveling something when it’s sunny because it all melts and dries up and look like it never snowed.

While I was shoveling, there was a show on PBS dedicated to redecorating and cleaning up your home to clean up your mind and life. Very fitting.

Snow? What snow?

Isn't this satisfying?

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The latest in incompetence

There’ll be a sequel to this post. I just couldn’t wait to tell you what’s happening now.

We have horrible balconies on our apartment building. In the eight years I’ve lived here, they’ve gotten worse and worse. One summer, the world’s shortest and fattest man painted the balconies. But a fresh coat of paint doesn’t fix decayed, broken boards with the nails sticking up and out of them.

A week or so ago, I saw a welcome sight. A local construction company is here, replacing balconies on the back of my building! Granted, they don’t work most days and we saw our last sunny and 70 degree day on Saturday, but something’s being done. They’ll have a winter storm to deal with starting tomorrow. I guess that’s their own problem.

I’m angry for the people who live on that side of the building. It’s going on two weeks that some of these people haven’t been able to use their balconies. We are knocking on winter’s doorstep and these people can’t enjoy the few nice days we had left. It’s just not humane.

The part I’m focusing on today is the note below:

Notice the dates. I got the note on my door last Thursday. As of today (Oct. 25), no work at all has been done on my balcony. I’m not holding my breath. I’m just glad I don’t store a dang thing out there.

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