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Creepy hippie van

Seen in front of my apartment.

Seen in front of my apartment.

My sister was over for an evening of watching “Ghosthunters” on DVD when this van pulled up. First, one guy got out of the driver’s seat with a long scraggly beard and an aura of hippie-come-lately. He opened the side door and rummaged around.

Eventually, another hippie got out of that side door and stood up and stretched. He was bare-chested, wearing just a vest for a top. They swished something in their mouths, and spit it out on the grass. It was lime green and foamy. I could only imagine it was Mountain Dew or Scope.

They hung out here for about a half an hour, then drove away. My sister was glad she didn’t need to leave about this time, because she didn’t want to walk by them.

A couple days later, I saw two other hippie-types walk up to my apartment building. One of them looked like a young Michael Bolten (the singer, not the character from Office Space), and the other looked like Troy Polamalu.


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